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Satin Leaf Butterfly Garden - December 3, 2022

Satin Leaf Circle dedicated their Butterfly Garden at a ceremony on Saturday, Dec 3, 2022.  Present were the Town Mayor, John Tompeck and the Town Manager, Robert Daniels as well as other guests.  Lana Turner and Susan Licari had a table set up with butterflies in various stages of development and prizes for the attendees like stained glass butterflies for hanging in the garden, crayons with butterfly scrolls to color, and "Hungry Caterpillar" books.  The educational sign explaining the Life Cycle of Butterflies was revealed, and a newly hatched butterfly was released.  The garden took over a year from plans to execution and we enjoyed cooperation and assistance from the Sewall's Point Town Commission.  We were blessed to receive a funding grant from FFGC, too.

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