Members of the Garden Club of Stuart enjoy gardening and meet on a monthly basis from October through April. Meetings provide a venue to socialize and enjoy programs on a wide range of topics from guest speakers.  Workshops (floral design, basket weaving, infusing herbs, making wreaths, etc.) and group trips (garden tours, flower shows, holiday tours, etc.) are part of our yearly activities.

We take pride in our community and implement projects which beautify the area.   While maintaining Possum Long and the Treasure Coast Hospice Butterfly garden we also involve ourselves in civic activities such as the Blue Star Marker in Memorial  Park and provide academic scholarships that help guide students’ interest not only in gardening, but in floral design and environmental issues.   In addition, we provide youth opportunities to be educated about our environment by providing scholarships to Camp Wekiva and S.E.E.K.

To Join the Garden Club of Stuart

We ask that you attend two of our General Meetings as a guest within the current club year.  As an active member we encourage you to participate in one or more of the 'Community Projects'.  Once a member of the general club you can then join one of our circles.  Check out our Circles below.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about gardening and our environment, become involved in community and civic projects and have a lot of fun.

The Value of Being a Member

  • Participate in monthly meetings and programs, floral design classes, field trips and various workshops and much more.


  • Join in on civic community projects of your interest. 

From gardening to working with children.  (Check out our About/Community Involvement Projects tab)


  • Make some new friends that have similar interests to you.


  • Receive a year book. 

Year book provides a wealth of information about events and activities, meeting schedule, names, addresses, email addresses of all the members, monthly meeting assignments (such as greeters, Ways and Means duties, refreshment duties, etc.), Articles of Incorporation, financial information, District, State and National contacts. 


  • Receive  "The Florida Gardener" quarterly magazine produced by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc,.

The magazine provides news from all 12 Districts including their Flower Show and Events.  It provides educational opportunities, legislative alerts, book reviews, projects, etc.


  • Join a Circle which also meets monthly in  a more intimate setting. 

They too have a variety of program topics.  We have six circles: Allamanda, Hibiscus, Jacaranda, Periwinkle, Satin Leaf and Tabebula.


Each of these provides education, resources and national networking opportunities to its members.


  • The National Garden Club offers a variety of studies and classes for your district. 

These may include: Flower Show/Floral Design, Basic Horticulture, Gardening Study, Landscape Design, etc.

  • The Garden Club of Stuart is in District X of FFGC.  There are 2 district meetings a year.  Fall and Spring where everyone is invited.


  • Florida Federation Garden Clubs, Inc. (FFGC), holds a Convention each Spring, with informative programs and every other year, a State Flower Show. They have over 10,000 active members.

Meet Our Circles

Allamanda Circle

President: Gail Quinn

Meets 4th Thursday of the month - Oct thru May

Our circle celebrates our 44th Anniversary January 2019, the second oldest circle of the Garden Club of Stuart.  We meet mornings and have informative programs at each meeting, lunch often, including luncheons all summer long.  Our members have a variety of interest and skills and we welcome new members.  Our projects include Possom Long Nature Center (grounds upkeep) and the House of Refuge (Holiday decoration and Open House).  We make contributions to Safe Space and Wekiva Youth Camp.  

House of Refuge Newspaper Clipping - Wed, Nov 28, 2018

District X Award to Ann McCormick - House of Refuge Synopsis - Spring 2018

Hibiscus Circle

President:  Marty Neal

Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10 o'clock - Oct thru May

Our first circle President was Rita MacKenzie in 1986.  Each officer in the circle serves for a two year period.


The monthly meeting location and topics vary.  We have some topics on horticulture and design.  Some of our members are Master Gardeners and some are design judges and some of us just like plants and flowers.

In December we have a Christmas party.  Also, we have a Christmas luncheon and auction.  The auction is our fund raiser for the circle.  This money is used for community projects and Wekiva Youth Camp.

In the summer months we still get together and have a delightful lunch.  The luncheons take place at different restaurants in the area.

We would love to meet you and have you join us for one of our meetings.

Jacaranda Circle

President:  Iris Rhett

Meets 4th Thursday morning of the month - Oct thru May

Our mission is to support the projects and goals of The Garden Club of Stuart and to offer programs and experiences to meet the members' needs and interest in gardens and gardening.  We offer educational programs to our members (such as micro-framing, organic gardening, native vs. invasive species) and group trips (to botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, nurseries and museums).  Jacaranda Circle is proud of its involvement in community projects and outreach programs.  We welcome visitors to our meetings, so please join us!

Satin Leaf.png

Periwinkle Circle

President:  Jill Burton

Meets 1st Wednesday of the month - Oct thru May


The Periwinkle Circle was established in 1973.  After our monthly meeting we have a presentation, trip or educational outing, followed by lunch at a local restaurant..  The first meeting of the season is a welcome back luncheon at Sand hill Cove where we review our plans and activities for October to May.  The closing event of the year is a Pot Luck Picnic at the home of one of our members.  For our monthly meeting, the Circle has had a flower arranging class, Duck Boat cruise, trip to Botanical gardens, painting class and many other activities. This year the Circle will go to the Saint Lucie Botanical Gardens, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, Indian River Boat Tour and Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery.  Please, come join us.

Satin Leaf Circle

President:  Mary Jane DuCoin

Meets 1st Wednesday of the month - Oct thru May

Our circle is a group of women who have mentored and indulged in gardening education for the betterment of the community and informed others of the beauty in gardening for fifty years.  Our circle puts special emphasis to educational, charitable and social programs to enable us to mentor new members.  This year is our fiftieth year anniversary and we're having our celebration at our annual meeting.  We enjoy tours, luncheons with guest speakers and are an active circle.  Circle business meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. preceded by a coffee hour, followed by our program starting at 11:00 a.m. and concluding before noon.

Tabebuia Circle

President:  Karen Vaina

Meets 2nd Thursday of the month at 10 o'clock- Oct thru May

Tabebuia was the first Circle to be formed within The Garden Club of Stuart, Inc.  Our best records indicate this was in 1960 with Mrs. Joseph Greenlees as Chairman.   The The Tabebuia is a flowering pink or yellow tree.  If you live in Stuart you will often find them in bloom along East Ocean Blvd in the Fall and early Spring.    They are a beautiful site. 

The majority  of our meetings are held in members' homes where we often have guest speakers instruct us on making floral designs and taking care of our plants.   We are very involved in the Garden Tours which are held every other year and the Flower Show which is held the opposite year of the Garden Tour.    Yes , we enjoy going to lunch after visiting gardens, nurseries, and working in Possum Long, which is a native garden within the City of Stuart on Hibiscus Street.   

These past couple of years we have been working with the City of Stuart and Kiwanis Club on landscaping at the Kiwanis Park, which is in the heart of downtown Stuart.

We welcome you to come to our meetings.