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Distinguished Service Award

Given by officers of the Garden Club of Stuart, Inc., the Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals who over many years have made a significant contribution to our goals and purposes and continues to show much dedication in their service to our Garden Club.  

This award has been presented to the following members:

2013    Sally Crabtree
2013    Joan Graff
2013    Jane Mills
2013    Phyllis Gidley
2014    Louise White
2015    Joan Carmen
2015    Jeanne-Marie Parkes
2016    Bobbie Spillman
2017    Donna Berger
2018    Jan Stoorza

2019     Barbara Peyton

2020     Tancy Rapp

2022     Louise Andrews

2023     Debbie Sahlberg

2023     Marty Neal

2024     Daina Karol

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