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Treasure Coast Hospice Butterfly Garden

Jean Foley is the Garden Club of Stuart Chair person for the Treasure Coast Hospice Butterfly Garden.  Jean has managed this garden since 1997?

It started as one small circular area and has tripled in size over the years.

All of the plants have been donated by Susan from Palm City Palms.

Butterfly Garden Certification


Jean is anxious to speak with and help anyone (does not have to be garden club member) that is wanting to create their own butterfly garden.

      Sue's Certification video can go here.

Here is some information that will help you get started.provided by the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Learn about Monarch butterflies, milkweeds, and other butterfly larvae and host plants.


Monarch Butterflies Southeastern U.S.

Flowering Plants and Butterflies of the South East

Native Insect Pollinators of the Southeastern U.S.

Florida Wildflowers & Butterflies Brochure

Florida Friendly Landscaping

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